Tendril was commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music for the 200Pieces project and was premiered by Ellen Baumring-Gledhill in November 2002, at the RAM.  It explores the interplay of two contrasting ideas, heard in the opening bars of the piece, both of which are about movement and growth, expressed in different ways. A recording & score of the piece are here and a video of the piece can be found here.

Signs - Paths - Landscapes

Written for wind quintet and piano, this work grew from a fascination with landscape painting, in particular the surreal landscapes of Paul Nash and the visceral seascape paintings of the American abstract painter Jon Schueler, and explores the idea of landscape as a metaphor for a sense of potential and possibility. 

Signs-Paths-Landscapes was premiered in March 2023 by members of the Callanan Wind Ensemble and David Knotts.  The recording can be found on this page, and the score is available from Composers Edition

Extracts below from sections 3 & 4 of 'Signs-Paths-Landscapes'